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Posted by: Almirena Jan 1 2018, 05:38 PM

With all acknowledgements to the original creator (Dr Diesel, I believe?), here is a Girl version which took its inspiration from the Happy New Year kolobok.

Posted by: Aiwan Jan 3 2018, 07:05 PM

Thank you smile.gif The girls will be happy. wink.gif

Posted by: Reny Jan 4 2018, 02:24 AM

Almirena.... really nice yahoo.gif

Posted by: Almirena Jan 9 2018, 12:16 PM

I am glad to add to the "Girls' Gallery" of Koloboks...!

I've a few more here - with all acknowledgement to their respective original inspirers:

<-- Girl examining the heavens through telescope
<-- Girl version of the "facepalm"
<-- Girl composer (or conductor) fixing wrong note

Posted by: Aiwan Jan 11 2018, 05:39 PM

There was some problem with adding works to the gallery. sad.gif

Posted by: Almirena Jan 13 2018, 08:07 PM

Aiwan, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that whatever the problem is can be sorted out soon. (Is it something to do with the version of PHP on the server? Or the permission settings for the folder?)

<-- A girl physicist; all acknowledgement to Laie who created the wonderful original on which this is based (Einstein).
<-- Girl version of the Shakespeare kolobok (or poet or writer of any sort).
<-- Phlebotomist / Venepuncturist.
<-- It always struck me that the ideal way to present a kolobok on a magic carpet would be with the kolobok wearing a turban...

Posted by: Aiwan Jan 14 2018, 06:22 PM

Цитата (Almirena @ Jan 13 2018, 10:07 PM) *
Aiwan, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that whatever the problem is can be sorted out soon. (Is it something to do with the version of PHP on the server? Or the permission settings for the folder?)

He is added to the server, but not to the gallery. Our gallery shows images from the database.

Posted by: Almirena Mar 15 2018, 08:30 PM

New - a gong. (The poor kolobok probably has his brains scrambled by the repeated whacking and swinging...)

Posted by: Aiwan Mar 16 2018, 07:18 AM

I think you need to work on the smile. It's bad when the meaning needs to be described in words. wink.gif

Posted by: Almirena Mar 16 2018, 01:48 PM

You're right; I'm hampered by my lack of drawing skill, I admit.

Posted by: Almirena Apr 5 2018, 06:36 PM

Hopefully this is better.

Here is an atom with electrons whizzing around:

A wooden spoon trophy. (In English-speaking cultures, the Wooden Spoon award is one given to the person or team who comes last!)


Posted by: Aiwan Apr 19 2018, 06:33 PM

Draw more friends.gif

Posted by: Almirena Apr 30 2018, 07:13 PM

I don't know if you're aware that the national flag carrier airline of Australia (the third oldest airline in the world) is Qantas Airways. Qantas aeroplanes are instantly recognisable to any Australian, with the red and white colouring and the distinctive kangaroo design on the tail.

Here are the boy Kolobok and girl Kolobok Qantas Airbus aeroplanes.

Posted by: Aiwan May 1 2018, 06:32 PM

Good job good.gif

Posted by: Almirena May 16 2018, 11:19 AM

I don't feel 100% happy about this Kolobok, but I do like the idea.

Melon ball.

Posted by: Almirena May 19 2018, 06:15 PM

Girl version of Champagne Drinking:

Cellist (orchestral/classical cello) - with all acknowledgements to Laie's original jazz bass.

Posted by: Reny May 22 2018, 06:41 PM

Nice, Almirena... clapping.gif I really like the Champagne drinking girl and the airoplane smilies.

Posted by: Almirena May 29 2018, 08:35 PM

Thank you, Reny!

I was especially pleased with the Qantas aeroplane smilies.

A few more:

Girl version of falling asleep in an armchair:
Girl version of "It's HIS/HER fault!":
Girl version of Sherlock Holmes / private investigator:
Scales (also could be used for Libra):

(I'm not entirely happy with the mouths in the scales kolobok. I also don't like the look of the ribbons; they somehow look like a shower cap.)

Posted by: Almirena May 30 2018, 11:34 AM

2nd version of the scales / Libra:

Posted by: Almirena May 30 2018, 11:00 PM

Girl version of Laie's wonderful galloping horserider with lance:
Girl version of Laie's equally wonderful horserider taking a toss from a horse determined not to be ridden:
Girl version of Laie's accordionist:

Posted by: Almirena May 31 2018, 01:40 PM

An orange:

Posted by: Almirena Jun 4 2018, 01:58 PM

Traffic lights.

Posted by: Almirena Jun 7 2018, 02:32 PM

QUOTE (Almirena @ May 31 2018, 08:40 PM) *
An orange:

I wasn't happy with the orange emoticon, and have reworked it.

Posted by: Aiwan Jun 8 2018, 07:53 PM

Nice koloboks clapping.gif

Posted by: Almirena Jun 11 2018, 01:46 AM

Girl version of Kolobok taking medication/pills/tablets:
Kolobok driving blue car:
Girl version of Kolobok driving blue car:

Posted by: Reny Jun 14 2018, 10:58 PM

Nice new smileys, Almirena good.gif I really like your girl versions. And the traffic lights! yahoo.gif

Posted by: Almirena Jun 18 2018, 11:11 AM

Thank you for the encouragement! <--- one of my favourite koloboks; it expresses acknowledging thanks so gracefully and gorgeously...

I'm currently working on a complicated kolobok which is truly like a mini-drama episode.

Posted by: Almirena Jun 19 2018, 12:40 AM

I hope this kolobok conveys the story properly; it is a defibrillation (getting the heart re-started).

Posted by: Aiwan Jun 20 2018, 06:04 AM

Хорошая работа! Но на будущее, я бы посоветовал избегать сложных мелких рисунков в смайлах. Это я говорю про сердце, например. Его можно обозначить схематично и это будет правильней с точки зрения стилистики и реализации задуманного. Ждем новых работ.

Good job! But for the future, I would advise you to avoid complex small drawings in smileys. I'm talking about the heart, for example. It can be designated schematically and it will be more correct from the point of view of stylistics and realization of the conceived. We are waiting for new works.

Posted by: Almirena Jun 20 2018, 06:58 PM

Aiwan, I had exactly the same thought about that heart. I have four other versions with different heart styles.

One of my attempts has the heart looking a little like a roast chicken - ai, ai, ai! Another looks a little like a Valentine cushion in the shape of a heart. The third... well, I can't help thinking that this heart looks a bit like a red Santa sack full of toys.

Anyway, I'll upload them here, and will be happy for any advice or for your suggestions about which version is most successful. (I also played around a little with the "shock".)

I will keep trying different heart ideas. And I think I'll go back to the first "shock" version as well.

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